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MicroDose Technologies, Inc. is a privately held premier drug delivery and specialty pharmaceuticals company. Founded in 1998, MicroDose is pioneering the use of proprietary drug delivery platforms for the pulmonary, oral and transdermal delivery of medications for improved efficacy and compliance. MicroDose's current focus is on the chronic disease states such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic diseases by creating improved pharmaceutical products through the application of proprietary drug delivery technologies.

MicroDose Technologies Announces Multi-Product Respiratory Collaboration for Its Next Generation Inhaler Device. MicroDose Technologies Inc. (MicroDose) announced today that it has entered into a multi-product development and licensing agreement with Novartis (NYSE: NVS) for the MicroDose proprietary dry powder inhaler (DPI)..

where can i get viagra where can i get viagra

New Side Effects Of Alli

New Side Effects Of Alli

New side effects of alli

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